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According to Adela, property management is like looking after a baby; there is a vital requirement to be proactive, and forecast needs so that life can progress without unnecessary stress and tantrums. Adela won Ray White’s Property Manager of the Year 2014 award and was a finalist for Property Manager of the Year 2017, so clearly, she’s an excellent parent to the properties in her care!

Adela believes an effective property manager needs to have two sides to their personality – an administrative side for routine tasks and project management and a marketing side that can match benefits to customers’ needs. With a Diploma in Business from Unitec, a Master’s in Management from the Harbin Institute of Technology and an MBA from AIS St Helens, Adela is well-qualified for every challenge that comes her way.

A natural match for Mandarin-speaking clients, Adela looks after properties throughout the Auckland region. She finds work/life balance by looking after her family and taking brisk walks around Cornwall Park.

“I love my work because every day is different, and I have the chance to meet many interesting people. Nothing pleases me more than doing an excellent job for my landlords and finding good tenants the home they need. I believe that from hard work and problem-solving comes happiness.”


  • 2022/2023 - Premier Performer
  • 2021/2022 - Premier Performer
  • 2020/2021 - Premier Performer
  • 2019/2020 - Premier Performer
  • 2017/2018 - Premier Performer
  • 2017 - Premier Member (NZ)
  • 2016 - Premier Performer (NZ)
  • 2015 - Premier Member
  • 2013 - Property Manager of the Year NZ