Anna Taylor

Property Management


Anna discovered New Zealand on a backpacking trip and loved the country so much she decided to stay. Originally from Bunbury in Western Australia, she has a science degree, a post-grad certificate in business administration and experience with recruitment for the industrial sector (mining and trades).

It’s Anna’s recruitment experience that makes her a natural for the property management business. She’s used to working with people from all sorts of backgrounds and has excellent conflict resolution and communication skills. There are definitely parallels between matching people to jobs and finding appropriate tenants for properties. Anna’s great at asking all the right questions.

Beyond work, Anna says her two main interests are dogs and chocolate... She enjoys hiking and watching live music. Her travel ambitions are focused on New Zealand and she has many tiki tours on her ‘to do ‘ list.

“Experience has taught me that balancing the interests of all parties is pivotal to success. This is most often achieved by working with facts, demonstrating respect and practicing clear communication at all stages.” 


  • 2018/2019 - Executive