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Recent legislation changes could negatively affect your rental property

By Mary Taylor

Maintenance is an ongoing part of every Property Managers job. Yet, when Victoria received this cute request for a heat pump, she found that the landlord could not resist!

As the Residential Tenancies Act is now soon to change to ensure properties meet a higher standard with regard to the level of insulation, this type of tenant maintenance request will be less common.

The legislation changes create new requirements in all residential tenancies and will require that from 1st July 2016:

  • All rental properties have smoke alarms
  • All new tenancy agreements include a statement of the extent and safety of insulation in the property
  • Any replacement or installation of insulation in a rental property meets the required standard

And from 1st July 2019:

  • All rental properties have underfloor and ceiling insulation meeting the required standard where it can practically be installed

Are you aware of what’s happening with the latest legislative changes with regard to insulation and smoke alarms? To find out more about when will landlords be required to upgrade rental properties and what are the new requirements for smoke alarms and insulation, keep following legislation updates visiting this page.

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