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Tenant info/faqs


All maintenance matters must be reported to us in writing. If urgent, reporting the fault via telephone is acceptable, but we prefer this to be then confirmed in writing as soon as possible.

An email can be sent to your property manager or sent directly to our office administrator from here.

Before Contacting Us

Many issues that arise during a tenancy may be addressed without the need for a tradesman. Please refer to our list of common solutions to try before you contact us.

For access to fix your maintenance issue, the tradesperson will use our office key unless prior arrangements are made. We have a trusted team of tradespeople that have worked with us for many years.

The tradesperson will call you as soon as they receive the maintenance request from us unless you have instructed your property manager otherwise.

When Is an Emergency an Emergency?

  • No power (After you’ve called the power company)
  • No water (After you’ve called Water Care)
  • Sewage – blocked drains or seeping sewage
  • Blocked toilet (If there are no other working toilets in residence)
  • Serious water/plumbing leak
  • Serious gas leak
  • Unsecured premises  (After a break-in, always call the police first)
  • Alarm constantly ringing

Maintenance During Public Holidays

Only urgent maintenance will be dealt with on any public holiday. We ask first and foremost that you please use your common sense before contacting your property manager.

Common Solutions to Common Problems

No Hot Water

Check that no one has accidentally flicked the switch in the hot water cupboard. If you have gas, make sure your gas bottles are full. When reporting the problem, remind your property manager that you’re using gas as this will save time.

No Power

Check the trip meter to ensure it hasn’t flicked off. Also, check that it isn’t a fault with your power company and whether your neighbours have power. If they don’t, you should call Vector as they may be performing maintenance in your area.

Oven Not Working

If your elements are working, but your oven will not turn on, the automatic switch has likely been turned on by mistake. Simply turn this off.

Drains Blocked

If your shower or sink is not draining as fast as normal, try using Draino, or bleach can be equally effective. If you pour this down the drain and run hot water, it will help clean the drain/pipes as there can often be a build-up of soap scum. In a shower where the drain is removable, take it out and make sure that there’s nothing clogging it up – Hair, for example.

If you are having trouble and your sink/toilet is blocked and won’t drain/flush, this could just be backed up; you can try a couple of things yourself first. You can use a plunger on the sink or an unravelled wire coat hanger to unclog anything that maybe is causing an obstruction. Obviously, if this persists, email your property manager.

Waste Master Not Working

Make sure that there is nothing stuck in the unit. Also, try the reset button, which is usually located underneath.

Always have the water running when using the waste master.

Pest Control

We suggest that you first try a store-bought remedy. Before you contact your property manager, please ensure that the problem has not arisen due to a cleaning issue – Food scraps left out, for example. If you do have a rodent problem, contact your property manager immediately.

Light Bulbs

Please check that you’re using the correct bulbs and also that you’re not using poor quality bulbs – This can cause the lights to ‘blow’ constantly. Sometimes investing in bulbs that are of a reputable brand can be more beneficial in the long run.

Garage Door Not Opening

Please check (especially if you’ve had a power outage recently) that the lever near the pull-down cord has been flicked back up into place as often this will come down for the door to be opened manually. If you’ve had no power problems, please check the batteries in your remote control.

It‘s also important that you‘re aware that if our tradesperson cannot find a fault or discovers that the fault is the tenant’s responsibility, the invoice for this call out will be forwarded on to you.

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