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Renovate with Ray White Taylor Rentals

By Sandra Grammer

Did you know our services include overseeing the renovation of your rental property?

We recently project managed a full renovation on one of our two-bedroom units in Mount Eden.

A long term rental of ours, the property was in original condition, and no major works had been conducted since its
construction in the early 1970s. Working with a number of our trusted tradespeople, we added and knocked down a
few walls to add light and privacy where required; fitted a new kitchen and bathroom; and completed a full re-wire,
re-paint and re-carpet within the space of three weeks.

Consulting our overseas landlord where required, the property manager was responsible for looking after the project
from start to finish.

Success was delivered all round. Despite the quieter winter market, we had plenty of interest in the upgraded property
and the successful tenants moved in within a week of the renovation being finalised.

The new tenants were overjoyed with their new, warm and healthy home, as was the landlord with her upgraded unit.

The new tenants moved in within a week of the renovation’s completion, leaving only one month of downtime
between tenancies.
Renovating is a great way to add value to your investment.
Our property managers are well versed in the process and are more than happy to discuss your options with you.

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