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  • Residential Tenancy Amendment Act……Changes in Play.

    As a Landlord, are you up to date with the changes? August 27th 2019 saw new Tenancy Legislation come in to play, these include: Unlawful Residential Premises: This amendment tightens the law for holding Landlords accountable for renting out unsuitable properties. The act has strengthened the definition of “Residential … Read more

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  • Healthy Homes Bill

    New Healthy Homes Standard Rolls out in NZ. This means all rental properties must be up to standard by 1st July 2021. HEATING: All rental properties must have one or more fixed heaters, which can directly heat the main living room to at least 18°C and can maintain this … Read more

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  • Are you charging a fair rent for your property in Auckland?

    What’s happening in the Central Auckland rental market? Here we have a graph taken from statistics issued by the REINZ. As you can see the graph depicts the change in rental figures achieved in January 2015 and 2016. Do you know how to find out if you are achieving the correct … Read more

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  • You get what you pay for

    At Taylor Rentals we have found this saying to be true this month. We had been approached to manage a particular property two years ago, but the owner decided to seek the services of a small home-based property management company, which offered a very low commission rate which we could … Read more

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  • What happens when…

    The Ninety day notice expires… and your tenant is still residing at the property? Recently we issued a 90 day notice to a tenant who we had inherited with a new property. The tenants rent was in arrears, they disturbed their neighbours with loud parties and police were regular visitors … Read more

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  • What people say about Taylor Rentals and why they trust us

    See stories of people who worked with Taylor Rentals and why they say we are the best property management company for you. As a general rule, I have done whatever Pat or Mary have told me to do since 1982 – yes, that’s how long I have been dealing … Read more

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